This is where i will share my opinions on current events related to the muslim community all over America. One of the areas we are severely behind is interest from the next generation in masjid affairs. We’ve been embroiled in disagreements and petty affairs for so long we have so far neglected the real issue, which is creating a loving harmonious environment for our next gen. It is totally acceptable to have different opinions and views on everything, but one thing we must put aside is pride and stubbornness and doing what is in the best interest for our youngsters. Until pride can’t be swallowed and our youngsters are not allowed to flourish and make decisions on their own for our communities future we will keep alienating them. We don’t want them to make mistakes or say something they will regret, but that is how you learn, it is ok for the old members to make those mistakes and say sorry, how come we can’t give them the same opportunity? Maybe they will do a much better job without committing the mistakes the veteran members made? They deserve every right to run affairs in their desired way, if the people before were allowed that chance how come the generation born and raised here is kept so far away from these imperative decisions which will have lasting consequences for the entirety of their lives.


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Asalamualaikum, I’m just a person who is concerned about the future of our community and our youth.

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